We offer tons of professional, practical, award-winning credits and experience. Indeed, given our credits and experience, our current fees are already highly discounted. But you might be eligible for even greater discounts (up to 30%), depending on the “submission-readiness” of your project and your chosen consultant’s degree of experience. And no matter your consultant, founding expert Key Payton will have final oversight on all rendered critiques.

    So once you’ve perused the following and found the script service that best suits your current needs, please go to the bottom of this page to learn how to contact us, then start a relationship with “the most committed-and-insightful script advisers ever”!




First 10 Pages (and Logline) Evaluation:   $60

This special “try-us-out” service is in every way designed to show you how extremely helpful Keys2ScriptSuccess.com can be. Of course you know you need a very strong logline (50-words-or-less summary pitch) to get people’s attention, right? And you realize that the first 10 pages of your script are its very-most-important pages, correct? Really, if you don’t “have” the readers with that logline and those 10 pages, you’re almost certain to never “get” them.

    So email info@keys2scriptsuccess.com, and we’ll explain how to send us your logline and script’s first 10 pages and $60. Then, as quickly as possible, we put together and return our utterly thorough (and utterly at the lowest price anywhere) evaluation of that logline and enhancement review of those pages — showing you how to really “make the package pop,” and “opening your eyes” to the great value our other services could be. Try us out for really cheap!


Basic Proofread/Edit/Format Pass:   $180

Getting the Payton Proofread means we will comb through every page of your script, finding and pointing out errors of (or possible issues with) grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting (for less than $2 per page, when the industry standard is at least $3 per page!).

    We’ll fix all the “gotta-go” errors (but marking the changes so you can see them, in case you “meant that mistake”).

    We’ll also offer alternatives for sentences that are too long or too difficult to follow, and suggest where and how you can replace passive voice with stronger “active-emotion” verbs.

    And on formatting, our notes will include attention to 1) proper formatting of headings/slugs; 2) use of DAY, NIGHT, CONTINUOUS, LATER; 3) use of V.O. vs. O.S.; 4) consistency of headings and character names throughout your script; 5) effective ways to avoid on-the-nose dialogue; 6) proper use of parentheticals; 7) creating an appealing page with white space; 8) proper use of FLASHBACK, MONTAGE, SERIES OF SHOTS; 9) avoiding “camera terminology”; and more!

    Extra Pages: For scripts over 120 pages, add $3 a page.


Quick-Response (and Affordable) One-on-One Script Evaluation:   $250

This two-hour phone, FaceTime, or Skype meeting is the closest you can get to a Hollywood story-development meeting at this price.

    We give you the gut response, immediate feedback from a Hollywood perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

    Then we work with you through your story’s strengths and weaknesses, brainstorming additional solutions to take your script to the next level. It’s like having a professional writing partner — only you retain all story rights, and may freely use any and all ideas developed!


Basic (But Not Really) Script Evaluation:   $280 Yes, this is probably our closest service to what most other script analysts/consultants basically offer — a reading of your script, then a written summation of its current storyline/s and comments on its commerciality, general strengths and weaknesses, and a “recommend,” “consider,” or “pass” scoring.

    However, our five- to six-page report will give you considerably more insight and practical help than you’ll find most anywhere else. Useful not only to serious screenwriters, but also to producers, directors, and executives who want to determine if a script is worth pursuing for consultation.

    Sit-com scripts:   $250

    Hour-long scripts:   $500

    Series Bible:   $230


Script Treatments

    Treatments six-15 pages:   $40 a page.

    Treatments 15-20 pages:   $32 a page.

    Treatments over 20 pages:   $28 a page.


Recession-Special Script Overview (good through 2016):   $400

A five- to six-page report, not focused on summarizing your story but rather on time-tested suggestions for needed additions, subtractions, or changes for a rewrite that will make the script more sellable.

    This does not have the detailed analysis of the more-expensive services below, yet it gives a great guide to the rewrite, with specific suggestions for solving problems, as well as an analysis of the talent of the writer and next steps.


Script Overview:   $960

Ten to 12 pages of precise and insightful notes, including an analysis of structure, story, character, and theme— plus comments on what works, what doesn’t work, and how to strengthen, tighten, and clarify the work.

    Additional read, with polish notes, after rewrite:   $400

    Extra Pages: For scripts over 125 pages, add $4 a page.


Script Overview Plus Script Notes:   $1200

Includes the above, plus written notations on the script. Script Notes includes suggestions for scenes that could be cut or condensed, dialogue that could be clearer, possible character changes, and where to insert story changes.

    Additional read, with polish notes, after rewrite:   $400


Script Breakdown:   $2400

Includes 20-30 pages of notes, including conceptual notes, a graphic analysis of the script, and a page-by-page analysis.

    Additional read, with polish notes, after rewrite:   $400


Script Consultation from Early Draft into Production:   $4000

This includes consultation on treatment and outlines, complete Script Breakdown service, plus top-priority status and availability through first week of production. Includes up to four additional reads, with polish notes, at no extra charge.

    Extra Pages: For any scripts over 130 pages, add $4 a page.


Production Consulting:   $6000

For consulting on a script through two or more drafts, then to rough cut of the film and availability in pre-production, production and post-production. Includes up to four additional reads, with polish notes, at no extra charge.


Script Integration:   $1600

Sometimes producers or writers need to integrate two different drafts, choosing the best of both. But the minutia of integrating two scripts can make it difficult to see the forest for the trees. Our service includes integrative cutting and pasting — and, if necessary, restructuring to make sure the best of both scripts stays in, in an integrated way.


Script Cutting:   $1200

Sometimes writers need to cut a script down to size, but have difficulty seeing what should be cut and what needs to remain. This service includes industry-savvy cuts on the script, plus annotations for any connective writing that will need to be added or rephrased.



Script Meetings: Each of the above services can also include a script meeting in Los Angeles, for $800 a day or $150/hour.


In-person or telephone consultations for $150/hour.


Adaptations: Reading Source Material:   $2 per page.


Breakdown of Source Material:   $2000 plus per-page charge.


Production: Attending staged reading, taking notes, one follow-up meeting:   $400


Post-Production: Editing notes for a rough cut:   $2000


HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR SCRIPT: First, email info@keys2scriptsuccess.com to check for our availability (you can use the form on our CONTACT US page).

    Once we confirm our availability (and work out whether you want us to sign an NDA or not), make sure you have all your contact information on the front page of your word-processed script document. Then email us with your script attached.

    In order of preference, we most like 1) Final Draft files; 2) MovieMagic Screenwriter files; 3) Microsoft Word files; 4) PDF files; 5) CeltX files.

    Once we’ve received your digital document/s, we will contact you regarding our price estimate — and further details, should you decide to go forward with us!

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