YES, welcome, and we’re finally feelin’ pretty good about our site’s remodeled “look”! It’s taken much time and effort. But the reason we think this was (and is) so important is because attention to detail is one of the most-significant things you can show in your screenwriting… so our “look” needs to show that we too maintain great attention to detail (which means our “remodeling” will never completely end).

     For now, we hope the look is good enough that you can just focus on your script-improving needs and our script-improving experience and accomplishments — those matter much more than how “pretty” this site looks, even as we continue working to make it as attractive and user-friendly as we can.

     Of course we both know the details that matter most are those that will make your script’s story rock-solid, and every one of your script pages POP with emotional and thematic energy! And we definitely know how to focus you on the details that will greatly enhance your screenplay’s chances in contests and the marketplace, so your movie story can rate among the best movie stories that today’s produces are reading.

    Therefore, whether you’re writer or producer, “new” or “experienced,” welcome! And “come on in” to enjoy…

      • The home of the “Cream of the Crop”/top 10% script doctor/consultant in the world (Creative Screenwriting magazine survey, 2010) — and we are determined to rise higher!
      • Award-winning screenwriters ourselves, and advisers to multiple winning writers in multiple contests — The Indie Fest, 168 Project, Write of Passage, Gideon Media, and more.
      • A broadly educated and experienced team, with advanced communications degrees and 50-plus years of professional screenwriting and “doctoring” experience, especially in the inspirational/uplifting/laugh-evoking/thought-provoking/heartwarming/falsehood-exposing veins.
      • On writing, among the most-demanding you’ll find — yet still personally affirming, caring, and seeking the best for both your writing and personality.
      • Phenomenal “big-picture” breadth, melded with tiniest-detail meticulousness, for maximum-impact screenplays.
      • Carefully mixing left-brained and right-brained, logical and emotional, mind, body and spirit.
      • Featuring a) the renowned Dramatica Story Expert approach; and b) the one-of-a-kind Payton Proofread(guaranteed accurate or you get discounts on our fees!).

So hang around and click around, to learn more about our experience, services, endorsements, and unique approach to helping you make sure your movie story — including its logline version, its treatment version, and its screenplay version — attracts positive attention, makes great first (and last) impressions, and gets other investors and influencers running with you and moving it toward production!

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USELESS (2011)
Best Film 168 FilmFest
Best Screenplay 168 FilmFest
and more!

Best Comedy, GIAA FilmFest
Award of Merit, The Indie Fest
and more!